Ligers, which only exist within captivity, are a cross between a lion and a tiger. Much like a donkey, they’re almost always sterile, and they can’t continue their lineage through procreation.

Ligers can also grow to be up to 12 feet long. Picture that! That’s twice the size of my father’s height. That must be quite the sight to see!

When these liger triplets were born at a zoo in Sochi, Russia, their mother rejected them. Handlers knew immediately that they’d need to bring in backup.

We’ve all seen surrogate mothers before. Mother cats will care for kittens that weren’t part of their litter as if they were their own fur and blood. This gorilla took on an abandoned baby just as if it were her own, too. One look at these two, and you see that the animal kingdom is full of love and compassion.

However, when these liger triplets were rejected, there was no nursing lion or tiger mama around.

Enter Grona the Labrador retriever. After just a bit of training, she was ready to take on these three hungry babies as if she had birthed them herself.

Watching this pup help these innocent liger cubs survive a rough start to life is so utterly touching. Can you imagine what would have happened if she didn’t step up to the plate like this?

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