While you’re busy trying to get the next chick’s attention with your lame Instagram selfies, a whole other crew of men have already one-upped you while you’re busy choosing your filter.


صدقي قوقل .. 😉

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Wild animals are the new bling of Instagram. User Humaidalbuqaish is one of a few users who stack their accounts with photos of them with lions, tigers, cheetahs, and all kinds of exotic animals we’re not used to seeing as pets. Oh, and a Rolls Royce is just background material for him.

(No, I’m not kidding.)

The dude is obviously wealthy, and is seemingly in the midst of purchasing his own personal zoo (if he’s actually buying them), and he’s getting a ton of followers by showing his animals off—he already has 416,000 followers with a little over 300 posts.

Sadly, he seems to be reckless with his animals as well:

New friends ♥

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Then there’s Swakll, with far less followers (213,000) but far more posts (2,260).

صباح الكيييييير. Gm

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