Like rats aboard a sinking ship, former Obama officials and appointees are tripping over themselves and pushing each other out of the way to avoid being left tied to a scuttling administration.

Susan Rice, John Clapper, John Brennan, Lois Lerner, and now James Comey are in ‘Every man for themselves” mode as the sense of duty and responsibility yields to that of self-preservation.

The moral scruples of FBI Director Comey have long since been tossed to the waste bin, so it is not surprising to hear The Hill report that he is accusing former shell of an Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, of being a Clinton pawn and thus hampering Comey’s investigation onto Clinton’s criminal use of a private email server.

Following a private jet plane meeting with Bill Clinton, Lynch and the DOJ suddenly became recalcitrant towards any attempt by the FBI to look into the email matter or to even call it an ‘investigation’.

After a while, Comey came to believe that Lynch’s DOJ “might provide Hillary Clinton with political cover over her email server”, thus sabotaging any effort to continue the inquiry.

Comey says he decided to “go it alone”, but that ended up bearing no fruit. With roadblocks put in place by Lynch, Comey called an end to the investigation only to have to reopen it months later when the laptop of former and disgraced NY mayoral candidate Anthony ‘Carlos Danger’ Weiner had hundreds of Clinton emails on it.

The Hill reports that Lynch wanted to squash the new development, but Comey beat her to the punch by running to Congress with his new findings.

Lynch had best find a good lawyer and several good body guards if she wishes to save herself. The Clinton’s do have a nasty body count attached to them.



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