Very loud Chevy Corvette getting ready for a drag race!

In this video you will see an extremely loud Chevrolet Corvette at the 2012 Muscle Car and Corvette National show held in Chicago, Illinois.

At this show there were many perfectly executed cars, and it is really hard to choose one that is number one.

From the Plymouth Super Birds and Dodge Daytonas to Copo Camaros, there were many rare cars at the show. But watch this amazing and loud Chevrolet Corvette that will blow your mind.

Enjoy the sound and don’t forget to turn on the speakers.

2012 muscle car and corvette national show in Chicago, Illinois. This video was captured on move out day. There were so many perfectly executed automobiles at the show, it was hard to choose one that stood out from the rest. From the dodge daytonas and plymouth super birds to copo camaros there were rare cars all around. I am a sucker for an originally restored car like many of the top gear heads, but this corvette absolutely stood out from the crowd. To start with, the paint job was ridiculously deep, the custom wheels were insane and what can you say about the supercharged blown big block. I only wish I could have been there to see him light the tires up for a massive burnout or some doughnuts or even just a quick pass down the quarter mile track. Enjoy the sounds of this true american muscle car. Thanks for watching


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