Heroes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, something that has been demonstrated over and over again by the courage and bravery of police dogs in the K9 unit. K9 officers with four legs often help with security or with the detection of certain substances, but they sometimes inevitably encounter dangerous situations as well.

This is the story of K9 officer Kasper, a wonderful dog from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. When a suspect was allegedly robbing a local bar in the area, officers from the local department immediately started their chase to capture the suspect.

Unfortunately, the intervention didn’t go very smoothly. The suspect’s car crashed and to make things worse, he had a gun and opened fire on the police officers. The criminal managed to get away, but it didn’t take long before he was on the police’s radar once again.

He carjacked a woman on the very same day in Jupiter, likely looking for an escape vehicle. Once again, the suspect opened fire and shot at the police officers who were trying to bring him in.

Tragically, Kasper was hit with a bullet that was actually meant for one his human colleagues. After engaging in a gunfight, three officers of the PBSO returned fire and it resulted in a fatal outcome for the suspect. Nobody else got hurt – all thanks to the courageous efforts of Kasper.

The officers immediately rushed to help Kasper and while he was in critical condition for a while, the brave dog is now recovering and stable.

What an amazing dog with incredible perseverance.

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