Judicial Watch files lawsuit forcing the IRS to tell of the whereabouts of Lois Lerner’s emails

It has recently been reported that the IRS under former President Obama has allegedly lost important emails by Lois Lerner, the person who Obama told to go after conservative groups.

Thankfully, the conservative watchdog organization Judicial Watch has been trying to get to the bottom of this abuse of power.

The IRS has for years failed to turn over Lerner’s emails to a U.S. court. It was Lerner who made the final decision of who got to be exempt from paying taxes and who wouldn’t.

Moreover, the IRS received a court directive to explain where the Lois’ emails ended up, but the statements were uncorroborated.

However, the IRS did say that they had backups of the lost emails, but, as before, when called to look and submit the emails, the IRS failed to deliver.

Now, they’re flat-out saying the emails are missing. What is it with Democrats and missing emails? The truth is evident. If a Democrat deletes an email, it’s because there’s something incriminating in it. It was true with Hillary Clinton, and it’s true with Obama’s IRS!

And now, out of all the silly excuses, they once again go around telling that they’ve lost these emails. Oh, please! This scandal is akin to Hillary’s infamous email scandal where the former Democratic candidate and Secretary of State mishandled classified information on her unsecured, illegal private email server. So, to believe that Obama’s IRS lost these emails would be foolish of us.

So, when Democrats say they’ve “lost” something which appears to be of major importance, they are basically saying they’ve made that thing lost due to the potentially incriminating information it contains.

Here’s a statement Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton made as a response to a report that concluded the IRS’ handling of records has brought to records being lost and only partial IRS responses to Freedom of Information Act requests and other congressional investigations.

This new report is shocking but not surprising.  We have long battled the IRS in court over its obstruction in responding to FOIA requests about Obama era IRS abuses.  It is a scandal that the Obama IRS did not tell Judicial Watch, the courts, or Congress about the loss of government records.  Our attorneys will review this report to assess whether we should seek relief and accountability from the courts.  In the meantime, President Trump should finally fire IRS Commissioner John Koskinen and direct the Justice Department to reopen its criminal inquiry into the Obama IRS abuses and cover-ups.

The Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit against the IRS in April in order to procure some records from the Service — a suit that compelled the IRS to admit that Lerner’s emails had been lost, only to later refute themselves by saying that they have back-ups of Lois’ emails.

Click here to read the full story as reported by the official website of the Judicial Watch.



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