Just In : Deep State Successfully Undermines Trump’s Decision

Washington’s swamp monsters joined forces against President Donald Trump, ever since the day he became the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. America’s corrupt intelligence agencies are more atrocious than any group we have ever seen.

The CIA revoked the clearance of Robin Townley, National Security adviser appointed by Trump, in an distasteful act of power, due to the fact that he once dared to criticize the agency. Essentially, the CIA clarified that they can make the decision of denying clearance to whomever they choose, even those especially hired by President Trump, as reported by The Federalist.

This event took place in February, however received little to less coverage by the popular media.

At the time when it was covered, the lying bundle of criminals called “journalists” harped on the fact that Townley had close affiliations to Lt. General Michael Flynn. Flynn being already on the hot seat for his alleged ties to Russia, informed Politico.

An anonymous source said that Townley was denied by the CIA since he declined to believe that they “run the world,” based on The Hill.

The deep-seated bias and arrogance of the Deep State have been a continuous thing in American politics since November 2016.

It has been months now, the Deep State has been using internal leaks as weapons aimed straight at Trump’s administration. The most notorious leaks most certainly came from the ex- FBI Director James Comey, who alleged the President of obstruction of justice.

Comey personally confessed that the Deep State uses academia and the popular media as the main devices in their conspiracies. Sadly for Comey, four of his memos contained top secret information, meaning that he is a perfect subject for a criminal probe, informs the National Review.



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