Former Clinton Staffer Unexpectedly Praises Trump’s Policies

President Trump’s financial policies have had a beneficial impact on the business climate in America, and it’s not just his allies who have caught up on that.

Actually, the chief of staff for ex- President Bill Clinton, Mack McLarty, recently proposed that Democrats should implement more Trump-like policies in terms of jobs and the economy, during an MSNBC interview.

McLarty suggested that rather than just being against Trump, Democrats ought to “stand for something,” by using more radical strategies to improve the economy.

“I don’t think theres any question that the message should be a real focus on jobs and how were really going to broaden and strengthen this economy,” McLarty stated. “President Trump has proposed some ways to do that in terms of infrastructure development and tax reform, all hard but doable.”

The former Clinton staffer was remarking on answers to a question a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll that showed that only 37% of Americans believe the Democratic Party is faithful to its ideology , and 52 % think the Democrats only care about criticizing Trump.

“They’ve got to do more than just stand against Trump,” McLarty stated. “I think it’s always difficult when you’re in the minority to come out with a coherent, broad message.”

Thus far, nevertheless, the Democrats’ message has been quite simple: “Trump is bad.” To be specific, at the moment Democrat lawmakers are spending most of the year trying to figure out ways to sabotage Trump’s presidency or drill holes in the legitimacy of it.

It’s quite simple to express your disagreement with a person’s political belief, however if that person appears to be the President, it won’t — or shouldn’t — be sufficient to get you elected. It should not be about pointing out or inventing mistakes he has done, instead, it is about  having personal, firm and efficient policy ideas. Sadly for Democrats, they’re still hung up on the same worn out, unsuccessful policies that ruined the country under Barack Obama’s administration.



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