Hillary Clinton has worn out her welcome on the political scene, New Yorker correspondent and Hillary fan writes

Defeat is essential to success and knowing when to accept defeat is the first step toward improvement. This is why former Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has remained in a status quo following the presidential election last year and her humiliating defeat to Trump.

Clinton thinks having the last word means she’s right. Wrong! That makes her all the more undesirable. She would’ve done both herself and her fans a huge favor if she would’ve only quietly withdrawn. Instead, Hillary decided to remain in the spotlight with frequent rants against the Trump administration and all she believed were responsible for her defeat.

The New Yorker has been known for its partial inclination toward the Left, and thence it comes as a major surprise when New Yorker columnist Daniel Kibblesmith, seemingly an adamant supporter of Hillary’s, wrote a very critical text directed at Clinton.

Here’s Kibblesmith’s opinion:

“So it is as one of Clinton’s biggest supporters that I say to her now: your work here is done. It is time for Hillary Clinton to disappear from our magazine covers and our television screens, and gracefully retire from public life. Ideally, taking all other women with her,” Kibblesmith noted.

“This is about moving forward, and how are we supposed to do that when we’re hamstrung by symbols of past failures, like Hillary Clinton, or Geraldine from human resources, who makes a federal case out of every bad joke around the water cooler? Let’s save the investigating for private e-mail servers, O.K., Geraldine? There are still a lot of unanswered questions there,” he added.

“And don’t get me started on Chelsea. Yes, she’s a highly educated, well-spoken young woman with a lifelong front-row seat to politics and governance. As a private citizen of this democracy, she has every right to run for office.

“But should she? The last thing we need is to keep the Clinton dynasty on life support. Like my grandmother, selfishly clinging to a fortune she cannot enjoy, with one foot in the grave and the other in a tub of Epsom salt. The Newport house should be mine, Nana. The Newport house belongs to America now.

“I can hear you formulating your outrage. But, I assure you, this is not a “gendered” opinion. No recent failed Presidential candidate has ever had such a prominent public role post-election, with the possible exceptions of Al Gore, who produced and starred in an Oscar-winning documentary; Senator John McCain, who is a constant television presence; and Mitt Romney, who—you gotta admit—seemed like a pretty good dude in that Netflix movie. Just an awkward guy from a political family who had no logical career move other than President at that point in his life.

Sure, he lacked charisma in public, but you saw the real him around his family. Unlike Hillary Clinton, a calculating technocrat, who, it must be admitted, selfishly plotted a takeover of the Presidency for decades,” Kibblesmith elaborated.

I guess many of us can relate to how Kibblesmith feels about Hillary’s refusal to accept her defeat and move on. She has never given a second’s thought to use her experience and influence to help this country so much, but her contempt toward Trump has blinded her and she has sadly turned into a vindictive politician



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