Dems Called Out For Double Standards By Tucker Carlson [WATCH]

During his Fox News show on Tuesday, Tucker Carlson called out the Democratic party stating “not every person with cyrillic letters in his name is working for Vladimir Putin.”

Tucker referred to the Democratic standard for treason in the Russia probe “appalling” following a sound bite he played of Illinois Democratic Rep. Mike Quigley’s stating, “When you meet with any Russians, you’re meeting with Russian intelligence and therefore President Putin.”

Later on, Tucker interviewed Michael Starr Hopkins, a Democratic strategist regarding Bill and Hillary Clinton’s financial associations to Russia, asserting that there is a double standard that benefits the Clintons but damages President Trump. He particularly quoted the speech of ex- President Bill Clinton to a Moscow-located financial firm back in 2010, for which he was offered $500,000 and then-Secretary of  State Hillary Clinton’s outward open resistance to Russian sanctions throughout the exactly same time period.

Hopkins tried to attempt the Clintons by stating that any meetings or speeches were proper and legitimate since they were held publicly.

“I don’t think it was problematic at all,” said Hopkins about the Clintons. “It’s the lies that get people in trouble.” After, he alleged the Trump administration of committing crimes by saying, “They’ve broken federal codes twice, obstruction of justice, foreign donations. Soliciting foreign donations. That’s a real thing.”

Stating it amounted to “guilt by association”, Tucker called the Democratic approach a “textbook definition of McCarthyism”.



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