John McCain is unthinkably envious of the fact that Donald Trump took office and he hasn’t stopped causing trouble ever since. This entire time, he has been doing all he can to cause harm to Trump’s administration. Perhaps, at this point, all that McCain cares about is his pride that won’t allow him to back down and walk all over his dignity, which is the reason why he further attacks.

It is unfortunate to see a devote conservative in our country to disappoint so many Americans counting on him. However, this odd behavior of his, might require some close attention. It appears like Obamacare, which he is obviously a fan of, is costing his citizens from Arizona thousands of dollars in premiums. But has he ever mentioned this issue?

Obamacare has been a huge fiasco and unhelpful to the American people from the very beginning. There is no chance that we can carry on with this costly experiment. Republicans ought to put their biases aside and provide the best for the American citizens. Obamacare was doomed from the start. Everyone was aware how expensive it was going to be and sat with their arms crossed allowing it happen. Now liberals are attempting to sell it as some incredibly successful story. John McCain has had many chances to try and kill this project, but he didn’t since he is a back-stabbing Obama supporter.

It’s never good news when the White House calls you out on something. And what happened here is no exception. John McCain attempted to act like he cared about a replacement not long before he went back to have a surgery for a blood clot above his eye. He continued to say that we need both sides of Congress to cooperate or this will never succeed. The typical words he uses when he talks about something that he dislikes. It is heart-breaking to see a Republican Senator headed in such a liberal direction.



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