A website run by liberal trolls that posts a hoax story about Hillary Clinton’s death at least once a week got some personal attention from the Trump White House today when their homepage displayed a “seized by the Feds” image instead of their lying, fake news regular content.

The site, usadayinformer24netreports.org, was last reported as a domain available for purchase through GoDaddy after Trump had it stripped of its content and the owners arrested. A man known in liberal circles as “The Machine” is a paid Soros troll whose job it is to get his army of internet minions to go and post fake things from “Trump supporters” like “good, I’m glad she’s dead” on the articles he writes so they can make fun of them on liberal pages.

Jeff Derpinger, Director of internet relations for the White House Office of Information and Propaganda told Fox News:

“You can’t just perpetrate a fraud against the American people and get away with it. Since the articles managed to cross international boundaries, the investigation had to include several entities and the site was shut down permanently.

President trump stands firm that fake news won’t be allowed in this country, and if you do it to make money or gain political capital among Trump supporters, you’ll find yourself audited.

This president does not mess around.”

Trump has promised to go after other paid professional frauds with the same ferocity.



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